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227CRITNewVery simple HTML is converted into an empty PDF (again) Has Attachments1.9-currentNov 30, 2012
 Tibor Nagy: The current snapshot ends with segmentation fault now for this simple HTML file.
245CRITNewhtmldoc: 500: malformed header from script. Bad header Has Attachments1.9-currentJun 29, 2011
188HIGHNewv1.9-r1571 produces PDFs with chunks missing Has Attachments1.9-currentNov 14, 2008
199HIGHNewAddinng custom type1 font doesn't work Has Attachments1.9-featureMar 23, 2009
205HIGHNewProblem with page number Has Attachments1.9-currentMay 5, 2009
217HIGHNewMerging two characters into one character - Version 1.9 Has Attachments1.9-currentNov 13, 2009
222HIGHNewBroken PDF Has Attachments1.9-currentMar 21, 2010
 James Milner: In the 1.9.x-r1629 onwards there seems to be a problem with tables when the content of the table cells need to wrap. This can b…
229HIGHNew--quiet not working;output messages end up in stdout1.9-currentSep 6, 2010
234HIGHNew<table< not rendering correctly1.9-featureNov 9, 2010
248HIGHNewSegfault because of width_rel is invalid pointer Has Attachments1.9-currentFeb 21, 2012
 Sarow: The problem seems to be caused in stylesheet.cxx, hdStyleSheet::add_style. In line 283 (SVN HEAD), max_selectors is updated by: …