This page provides a dynamic look at all open bugs that have been filed. If you would like to contribute a fix for any of these bugs, create a unified diff against the public Subversion repository (svn diff >patchfile) and attach it to the corresponding bug.

Mini-XML v2.x

Current stable branch.

IdPriorityStatusSummaryVersionLast Updated
551NANewmem leak while mxmlDelete2.10Jan 14, 2017
 Thomas: Thanks Thomas kayne! your code sovle my memory leak perfectly! and CT's code is unused! i have a test that CT's CODE still lead…
516LOWPendingmxml static library is not thread-safe (WIN32)2.9Oct 4, 2015
 Michael Sweet: Linux should not have the same problem - POSIX threads do not depend on shared library tricks like Windows. Will look at soluti…
560LOWPendingva_copy change causes va_arg functions to break2.10Sep 8, 2016
 Steven Warner: Correction: Found long running leak in our code was result of external client retaining output from mxml. 'va_copy change caus…