codedoc A Code Documentation Utility

Version License C Linux | macOS | Unix


codedoc v3.6 December 31, 2020

codedoc v3.5 October 09, 2020

codedoc v3.4 December 28, 2019

codedoc v3.3 November 17, 2019

codedoc v3.2 August 28, 2019

Codedoc is a general-purpose utility which scans HTML, markdown, C, and C++ source files to produce EPUB, HTML, and man page documentation that can be read by humans. Unlike popular C/C++ documentation generators like Doxygen or Javadoc, Codedoc uses in-line comments rather than comment headers, allowing for more “natural” code documentation. Additional markdown documentation content can be included to make the generated documentation even more useful and complete.

Codedoc was originally bundled with the Mini-XML library as the mxmldoc utility. Please do provide feedback and report bugs to the Github project page so that everyone can benefit.