About This Site

This site is the combined home of various projects created or maintained by me, Michael R Sweet. I currently work for Apple Inc. and am probably best known as the creator of CUPS, the de-facto standard printing system for Linux®, macOS®, and UNIX®. I am also the secretary of the Internet Printing Protocol workgroup, author of many printing standards, and one of two IETF designated experts for printing.

I previously ran Easy Software Products with my wife Tammy and worked for various companies doing 2D and 3D graphics displays, printing software, server software, multi-channel audio processing, real-time data acquisition, AI simulations, natural language interfaces, and shared memory databases. I have written several books and started, contributed to, and developed a lot of open source projects over the years.

When I am not writing software, standards, or books, I spend time with my wife, son, and extended family, and take lots of photos, an addiction I learned from my father on the many family camping trips we'd take. Ah, slideshows!