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Mini-XML 3.0 02 Mar 2019

Mini-XML 3.0 is a major release that changes the license to Apache 2.0 with exceptions for linking to GPL2-only code, hides the definition of the internal mxml_node_t structure, removes the “mxmldoc” utility (which is now maintained in the separate “codedoc” project), and fixes several bugs.


Download Mini-XML 3.0 Home Page


codedoc v3.1 19 Feb 2019

This release of codedoc improves markdown and HTML support.


Download codedoc 3.1 Install codedoc 3.1 Snap Home Page


mmd v1.5 17 Feb 2019

This release of mmd adds support for referenced links, additional inline text markup, and hard line breaks.


Download mmd 1.5 Install mmdutil 1.5 Snap Home Page


HTMLDOC 1.9.5 23 Jan 2019

HTMLDOC 1.9.5 fixes some GUI, markdown, and EPUB issues.


Download HTMLDOC 1.9.5 Install HTMLDOC 1.9.5 Snap Home Page


mOAuth v1.1 19 Jan 2019

mOAuth 1.1 adds support for dynamic client registration and PAM-based authentication backends.


Download mOAuth 1.1 Install mOAuth 1.1 Snap Home Page


mOAuth v1.0 15 Jan 2019

This is the first stable release of mOAuth, a basic OAuth 2.0 client/server implementation for testing and development of OAuth-based services.


Download mOAuth 1.0 Install mOAuth 1.0 Snap Home Page


mmd v1.4 04 Jan 2019

This release of mmd fixes some problems found with Clang static analyzer and with the mmdutil program.


Download mmd 1.4 Install mmdutil 1.4 Snap Home Page


codedoc v3.0 04 Jan 2019

This is the first release of codedoc, a replacement for the mxmldoc utility that was provided with Mini-XML with several enhancements and bug fixes.


Download codedoc 3.0 Install codedoc 3.0 Snap Home Page


Mini-XML 2.12 02 Oct 2018

Mini-XML 2.12 fixes several bugs, updates the build system on macOS and Windows, and updates the markdown and EPUB support.


Download Mini-XML 2.12 Home Page


HTMLDOC 1.9.4 31 Aug 2018

HTMLDOC 1.9.4 fixes a font sizing bug and reduces startup time.


Download HTMLDOC 1.9.4 Install HTMLDOC 1.9.4 Snap Home Page


Updates for macOS Binaries 04 Jul 2018

I’ve posted updated HTMLDOC and RasterView binaries for macOS to Github that fix a library dependency issue reported by some users.


Download HTMLDOC 1.9.3 Download RasterView 1.7.1


RasterView 1.7 05 Jun 2018

RasterView 1.7 updates the page controls to allow navigation to any page and adds mode buttons for zoom, pan, and color (to show the current mode).


Download RasterView 1.7 Install RasterView 1.7 Snap Home Page


RasterView 1.6 04 May 2018

RasterView 1.6 fixes support for 16-bit per color files, adds support for gzip’d files, and changes the license to the Apache License Version 2.0.


Download RasterView 1.6 Install RasterView 1.6 Snap Home Page


HTMLDOC 1.9.3 10 Apr 2018

HTMLDOC 1.9.3 fixes some formatting, markdown, and build issues on specific platforms.


Download HTMLDOC 1.9.3 Install HTMLDOC 1.9.3 Snap Home Page


mmd v1.3 10 Mar 2018

This release of mmd adds the mmdCopyAllText function and a new conversion utility called mmdutil.


Download mmd 1.3 Install mmdutil 1.3 Snap Home Page


HTMLDOC 1.9.2 03 Feb 2018

HTMLDOC 1.9.2 fixes parsing of HTML 4.0 tables and adds support for markdown tables.


Download HTMLDOC 1.9.2 Install HTMLDOC 1.9.2 Snap Home Page


mmd v1.2 02 Feb 2018

This release of mmd adds support for the common table extension to Markdown and is provided under the terms of the Apache License Version 2.0.


Download mmd 1.2 Home Page


Building Snaps for GUI Applications 23 Jan 2018

Snaps are a convenient way to build binaries for Linux on multiple architectures and for multiple distributions. However, the current documentation for creating snaps is a bit obtuse, making it hard to get a working snap that can be distributed.


HTMLDOC Now Available as a Snap 22 Jan 2018

After a bunch of experimentation I have finally resolved the GUI bug in the HTMLDOC snap, so you can now get HTMLDOC on Linux as a snap package! Run snap install htmldoc to install the official binaries on Linux.


Home Page


mmd v1.1 30 Oct 2017

This release of mmd fixes a number of bugs, adds C++ support, and adds a mmdLoadFile function that loads Markdown content from the FILE pointer.


Download mmd 1.1 Home Page


HTMLDOC 1.9.1 29 Oct 2017

HTMLDOC 1.9.1 is primarily a bug fix release that also adds limited support for UTF-8.


Download HTMLDOC 1.9.1 Home Page


Mini-XML 2.11 28 Oct 2017

Mini-XML 2.11 fixes a number of bugs, adds support for reproducible builds, cross-compilation, and enumeration of element attributes, and adds support for generating EPUB documentation using mxmldoc.


Download Mini-XML 2.11 Home Page


zipc v1.2 26 Oct 2017

zipc v1.2 adds ZIP read support using the zipcOpenFile, zipcFileGets, zipcFileRead, zipcFileXMLGets, and zipcXMLGetAttribute functions. It also fixes use from C++ code, fixes Visual C++ support, and adds support for the %f format in the zipcFileXMLPrintf function.


Download zipc v1.2 Home Page


EPM 4.4 11 Oct 2017

EPM 4.4 is a maintenance release that fixes RPM packaging and several build issues.


HTMLDOC 1.9 04 Jul 2017

HTMLDOC 1.9 is a limited feature release that adds support for Markdown input and EPUB output.


zipc v1.1 23 Apr 2017

zipc v1.1 adds a zipcCopyFile function to efficiently copy files into ZIP containers and fixes an issue with some EPUB and OPC applications.

Download zipc v1.1 Home Page


mmd v1.0 23 Apr 2017

mmd v1.0 is a miniature markdown parsing “library” consisting of a single C source file and accompanying header file. mmd v1.0 mostly conforms to the CommonMark version of markdown syntax and supports a couple (otherwise undocumented) CommonMark extensions.

Download mmd v1.0 Home Page


zipc v1.0 05 Apr 2017

zipc is a simple ZIP container “library” consisting of a C source file and accompanying header file. Version 1.0 implements writing of ZIP containers with files smaller than 4GB. Files can be stored as-is or compressed with deflate (gzip) compression.

Download zipc v1.0 Home Page


HTMLDOC 1.8.30 24 Mar 2017

HTMLDOC 1.8.30 fixes some known build and formatting issues. Changes include:

  • Updated documentation to reflect new project page on Github.
  • Dropped old CDE and IRIX desktop integration files.
  • Cleaned up the GUI and adopted new default text editors for Linux and macOS.
  • PAGE BREAK comments at the end of a file in web page mode would lose the first page (Issue #251)
  • Fixed the scaling of header/footer images to limit them to the height of the header or footer (Issue #273)
  • Fixed an issue with the top-level makefile not exiting with an error as needed (Issue #282)
  • Fixed a URL referencing bug when the same hostname but a different port was used (Issue #290)
  • Fixed build issue on macOS (Issue #291)
  • Fixed handling of indexed+alpha PNG images (Issue #295)

Download HTMLDOC 1.8.30 Home Page


RasterView 1.5 22 Mar 2017

RasterView 1.5 adds support for Apple raster files.

Download RasterView 1.5 Home Page


Bug Migration Complete 03 Mar 2017

All of the bug reports from the old server have been migrated to the Github issue tracker.


Moved the Site to Github 27 Feb 2017

I have moved the main web site and projects to Github in order to spend less time maintaining servers and more time programming. All of the recent releases are already available in the corresponding Github projects, and I will be migrating the bug reports to the Github issue tracker over the next couple days.

In lieu of mailing lists, please use the Github issue tracker to ask questions or report problems with the new web site.


Mini-XML 2.10 13 Jun 2016

Mini-XML 2.10 is now available for download from:

Mini-XML 2.10 fixes some stack overflow, XML, and API issues.


HTMLDOC 1.8.29 03 Jan 2016

HTMLDOC 1.8.29 is now available for download from:

HTMLDOC 1.8.29 fixes some known build and formatting issues, updates support libraries, and drops support for OpenSSL.


EPM 4.3 01 Sep 2015

EPM 4.3 is now available for download from:

The new release fixes several issues on Linux and OS X and adds support for signed packages.


RasterView 1.4.1 27 Aug 2015

RasterView 1.4.1 fixes builds on Linux and includes binaries for OS X and Linux.

Download RasterView v1.4.1 Home Page


RasterView 1.4 Now Available 26 Aug 2015

RasterView 1.4 adds support for viewing Device-N files and improves the display of PWG Raster page attributes.

Download RasterView v1.4 Home Page


Mini-XML 2.9 Now Available 19 Oct 2014

Mini-XML 2.9 is now available for download from:

Mini-XML 2.9 fixes a bug in the mxmlLoad* functions when using the default (MXML_NO_CALLBACK or MXML_TEXT_CALLBACK) callback.

Download Mini-XML v2.9 Home Page


HTMLDOC 1.8.28 06 Jan 2014

HTMLDOC 1.8.28 is now available for download from:

HTMLDOC 1.8.28 fixes some known security issues and formatting bugs.


Mini-XML 2.8 05 Jan 2014

Mini-XML 2.8 is now available for download from:

Mini-XML 2.8 fixes some minor platform and XML issues.