PDFio 1.2.0 January 24, 2024

PDFio 1.2.0 is a feature release. Changes include:

  • Now use autoconf to configure the PDFio sources (Issue #54)
  • Added pdfioFileCreateNumberObj and pdfioFileCreateStringObj functions (Issue #14)
  • Added pdfioContentTextMeasure function (Issue #17)
  • Added pdfioContentTextNewLineShow and pdfioContentTextNewLineShowf functions (Issue #24)
  • Renamed pdfioContentTextNextLine to pdfioContentTextNewLine.
  • Updated the maximum number of object streams in a single file from 4096 to 8192 (Issue #58)
  • Updated the token reading code to protect against some obvious abuses of the PDF format.
  • Updated the xref reading code to protect against loops.
  • Updated the object handling code to use a binary insertion algorithm - provides a significant (~800x) improvement in open times.
  • Fixed handling of encrypted PDFs with per-object file IDs (Issue #42)
  • Fixed handling of of trailer dictionaries that started immediately after the “trailer” keyword (Issue #58)
  • Fixed handling of invalid, but common, PDF files with a generation number of 65536 in the xref table (Issue #59)


Download PDFio v1.2.0 Home Page

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