Books by Michael R Sweet

How to Use the Internet Printing Protocol

A "how-to" guide for the Internet Printing Protocol that I developed with Peter Zehler in the Printer Working Group.



Although it hasn't been updated in a long time, the CUPS book is still a useful reference and tutorial for the CUPS software I wrote.

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Serial Programming Guide for POSIX Operating Systems

This pocket book provides a handy reference for serial programming on UNIX/Linux operating systems and is still relevant for many modern USB devices like 3D printers that use the USB serial class.

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Mini-XML Programmers Manual

This pocket book provides a reference for my popular miniature XML library.

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Software Distribution Using the ESP Package Manager

This pocket book describes how to use EPM to create software packages and distribute them for traditional UNIX operating systems as well as Linux.

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OpenGL SuperBible, Second Edition

I teamed up with Richard S. Wright, Jr. to do the second edition of the OpenGL SuperBible. The cover features an image generated by one of my examples in the book.

OpenGL SuperBible, First Edition

In a former life I did a lot of IRIS GL and OpenGL computer graphics work. This was the first book I ever published, which I co-wrote with Richard S. Wright, Jr.

QuickModel File Format

A reference for an old 3D file format from SGI's glory days.

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My one and only attempt at poetry (of a sort) during my weeks attending classes at the Option Institute and Fellowship.

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