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PAPPL v1.3.2 May 06, 2023

PAPPL v1.3.2 is now available for download and is a general bug fix release. Changes in 1.3.2 include:

  • Fixed PWG ImageBox values in raster page header
  • Fixed a bug in the “ipp-attribute-fidelity” support
  • Fixed printing of 1/2/4-bit grayscale PNG images (Issue #267)
  • Fixed a potential buffer overflow in the logging code (Issue #272)
  • Fixed reporting of “xxx-k-octet-supported” attributes.
  • Updated the Wi-Fi configuration page to support hidden networks.
  • Updated the Wi-Fi configuration page reload time to 30 seconds.


Download PAPPL v1.3.2 Home Page


PDFio 1.1.1 March 20, 2023

PDFio 1.1.1 fixes a potential denial of service issue and fixes some build issues. Changes include:

  • CVE-2023-28428: Fixed a potential denial-of-service with corrupt PDF files.
  • Fixed a few build issues.


Download PDFio v1.1.1 Home Page


PDFio 1.1.0 February 06, 2023

PDFio 1.1.0 fixes a potential denial of service issue, fixes a few general bugs, and adds a few new APIs. Changes include:

  • CVE-2023-24808: Fixed a potential denial-of-service with corrupt PDF files.
  • Added pdfioFileCreateTemporary function (Issue #29)
  • Added pdfioDictIterateKeys function (Issue #31)
  • Added pdfioContentPathEnd function.
  • Added protection against opening multiple streams in the same file at the same time.
  • Documentation updates (Issue #37)
  • Fixed “install-shared” target (Issue #32)
  • Fixed pdfioFileGet... metadata APIs (Issue #33)
  • Fixed pdfioContentMatrixRotate function.


Download PDFio v1.1.0 Home Page


RasterView 1.9.0 January 16, 2023

RasterView 1.9.0 includes some minor improvements and bug fixes and adds support for Windows. Changes include:

  • Fixed macOS ‘Close’ and ‘Re-Open’ menu items (Issue #20)
  • Fixed color picking (Issue #21)
  • Updated the maximum zoom to 20x
  • Added Visual Studio project files for Windows release


Download RasterView 1.9.0 Install RasterView 1.9.0 Snap Home Page


Improving Code Quality, Part 2 January 15, 2023

This is a follow-up to my first post on code quality with updates to various tools and some thoughts on POSIX threading.

More + Comments

LPrint v1.2.0 December 31, 2022

LPrint v1.2.0 adds support for snap configuration and EPL/ZPL auto-typing support, and fixes a number of bugs. Changes include:

  • Documentation corrections (Issue #53, Issue #76)
  • Added snap server configuration.
  • Added --with-systemd configure option and install to $prefix/lib/systemd/system by default (Issue #50)
  • Added EPL2 and ZPL auto-typing support (Issue #64)
  • Changed the default log level for systemd to info (Issue #82)
  • Fixed macOS installer to start LPrint server (Issue #48)
  • Fixed configure script not using warning/preprocessor options in build (Issue #60)
  • Fixed printer renaming algorithm to not truncate the name (Issue #60)
  • Fixed missing “print-color-mode=bi-level” for bar code printing (Issue #76)
  • Fixed label mode support in EPL and ZPL drivers (Issue #79)
  • Fixed driver names for EPL printers (Issue #52)


Download LPrint 1.2.0 Install lprint Snap Home Page


PAPPL v1.3.1 December 30, 2022

PAPPL v1.3.1 is now available for download and is a general bug fix release. Changes in 1.3.1 include:

  • Fixed auto-add of USB printers
  • Updated “ipp-attribute-fidelity” support
  • Reduced sleep interval for USB gadget initialization


Download PAPPL v1.3.1 Home Page


PAPPL v1.3.0 December 02, 2022

PAPPL v1.3.0 is now available for download and adds new job management, image printing, localization, and configuration features. Changes in 1.3.0 include:

  • Added debug logging for device management.
  • Added support for job hold and release (Issue #15)
  • Added support for PNG image scaling using embedded resolution information (Issue #65)
  • Added papplLocGetDefaultMediaSizeName function to get the default media size for the current country (Issue #167)
  • Added support for localized banners at the top of printer and system web pages (Issue #183)
  • Added timer APIs to manage periodic tasks (Issue #208)
  • Added support for network configuration via callbacks (Issue #217)
  • Added APIs to limit the maximum size of JPEG/PNG images (Issue #224)
  • Added support for the Clang/GCC ThreadSanitizer with the --enable-tsanitizer configure option.
  • Added Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, and Turkish localizations.
  • Added a password visibility button to the Wi-Fi password field.
  • Changed names of PAPPL-specific attributes to use “smi55357” prefix.
  • Updated USB device code to generate a 1284 device ID and use the manufacturer and product strings when necessary (Issue #234)
  • Updated the USB gadget code to handle disconnections.
  • Updated PAPPL to conform to the new prototype PWG 5100.13 specification (Issue #216)
  • Fixed a device race condition with job processing.
  • Fixed a initialization timing issue with USB gadgets on newer Linux kernels.
  • Fixed a potential memory underflow with USB device IDs.
  • Fixed web interface support for vendor text options (Issue #142)
  • Fixed a potential value overflow when reading SNMP OIDs (Issue #210)
  • Fixed more CUPS 2.2.x compatibility issues (Issue #212)
  • Fixed a 100% CPU usage bug when cleaning the job history (Issue #218)
  • Fixed the default values of --with-papplstatedir and --with-papplsockdir to use the localstatedir value (Issue #219)
  • Fixed storage of label offsets for printers that implement them.
  • Fixed some thread access issues on ARM.
  • Fixed when the kernel USB printer driver is unloaded on Linux (Issue #233)
  • Fixed papplDevicePrintf to allow the “%c” character to be 0.


Download PAPPL v1.3.0 Home Page


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