mmd v2.0 March 22, 2024

This release of mmd adds new load functions and mmdutil options and fixes bugs. Changes include:

  • Added mmdLoadIO and mmdLoadString APIs (Issue #12)
  • Added mmdutil “-“ filename/option to read markdown from stdin (Issue #16)
  • Added a document pointer to the other load functions to allow concatenation of markdown files.
  • Added mmdutil “–no-title” option to disable the generated HTML title page.
  • Updated mmdGetWhitespace and mmdIsBlock functions to return bool values.
  • Fixed support for emphasized or strong linked text (Issue #15)
  • Fixed an issue with headings directly after a table.
  • Fixed some more issues with the Commonmark tests.
  • Fixed lists in man page output.


Download mmd 2.0 Install mmdutil 2.0 Snap Home Page

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