LPrint v1.3.0 January 31, 2024

LPrint v1.3.0 adds a new dithering algorithm, support for new printers, support for configuration files, and fixes a number of bugs. Changes include:

  • Added new dithering algorithm to better support barcode printing with shaded content.
  • Added experimental Brother printer support (Issue #15)
  • Added basic TSPL printer support (Issue #54)
  • Added basic SEIKO printer support (Issue #58)
  • Added experimental Zebra CPCL printer support.
  • Added support for configuration files in “/etc”, “/usr/local/etc”, or “/Library/Application Support” (macOS).
  • Updated ZPL driver to report ‘media-needed’ reason when out of labels during a job.
  • Fixed copies support for ZPL printers (Issue #100)
  • Fixed darkness calculations for EPL and ZPL printers (Issue #104)


Download LPrint 1.3.0 Install lprint Snap Home Page

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