codedoc v3.7 March 22, 2024

This release of codedoc adds more syntax highlighting and fixes a number of bugs. Changes include:

  • Now require Mini-XML 4.x.
  • Now include a configure script.
  • Added quoting of “.” and “’” at the beginning of lines and now use the “.IP” macro instead of “.IN” in man output (Issue #12)
  • Added support for @body@ comment directive to add body text inline with code (Issue #10)
  • Added highlighting of HTML and XML in code-fenced markdown (Issue #19)
  • Added highlighting of CSS in code-fenced markdown.
  • Added highlighting of reserved words, numbers, and strings in reference documentation, to match markdown code example highlighting.
  • Fixed double-free bug (Issue #16)
  • Fixed some bugs detected with fuzzing (Issue #13, Issue #14, Issue #15)
  • Fixed support for markdown code fences and indentation in code example comments.
  • Cleaned up some issues reported by Coverity and Cppcheck.


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