EPM 4.4 October 11, 2017

EPM 4.4 is a maintenance release that fixes RPM packaging and several build issues.

Changes include:

  • The default prefix is now the usual /usr/local (Issue #45)
  • Really fix 64-bit Intel packages on Debian-based OS’s (Issue #48)
  • Fixed a build issue on Solaris 11 (Issue #50)
  • Fixed a bug in temporary file cleanup when symlinks are used (Issue #51)
  • Added DESTDIR support to makefiles (Issue #55)
  • Fixed RPM support on AIX (Issue #56)
  • Reverted the hard links optimization from EPM 4.2 since it is causing problems with the latest version of RPM (Issue #57)
  • Packages on macOS now use “macos” as the operating system name for consistency.


Download EPM 4.4 Home Page