Mini-XML 2.11 October 28, 2017

Mini-XML 2.11 fixes a number of bugs, adds support for reproducible builds, cross-compilation, and enumeration of element attributes, and adds support for generating EPUB documentation using mxmldoc.


Download Mini-XML 2.11 Home Page

Changes include:

  • CDATA nodes now omit the trailing “]]” for convenience (Issue #170)
  • Fixed a memory leak in mxmlDelete (Issue #183)
  • mxmlElementSetAttrf did not work with some versions of Visual Studio (Issue #184)
  • Added mxmlElementGetAttrByIndex and mxmlELementGetAttrCount functions (Issue #185)
  • The configure script now properly supports cross-compilation (Issue #188)
  • The mxmldoc utility now supports generation of EPUB files (Issue #189)
  • The mxmldoc utility now supports the SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH environment variable for reproducible builds (Issue #193)
  • The mxmldoc utility now supports Markdown (Issue #194)
  • Fixed writing of custom data values (Issue #201)
  • Added mxmlNewOpaquef and mxmlSetOpaquef functions to add and set formatted opaque string values.
  • The mxmldoc utility scanned and loaded descriptive text differently, causing the detailed descriptions (“discussion”) to be lost in generated documentation.
  • The mxmldoc utility now supports @exclude format@ comments to exclude documentation based on the output format. The format string can be all to exclude documentation for all formats or a comma-delimited list such as @exclude man,html@.