Mini-XML 2.12 October 02, 2018

Mini-XML 2.12 fixes several bugs, updates the build system on macOS and Windows, and updates the markdown and EPUB support.


Download Mini-XML 2.12 Home Page

Changes include:

  • Added yet more documentation about using MXML_OPAQUE_CALLBACK when you want to get full strings for inline text instead of separated words (Issue #190)
  • No longer build documentation sets on macOS since Xcode no longer supports them (Issue #198)
  • Updated the va_copy macro for use with BCC (Issue #211)
  • The mxmlNewCDATA and mxmlSetCDATA functions incorrectly added the XML trailer “]]” to the string (Issue #216)
  • Cross-compiling failed on install (Issue #218)
  • Fixed a crash bug in the mxmlWrite functions (Issue #228)
  • The mxmlWrite functions no longer write the siblings of the passed node (Issue #228)
  • Updated the markdown and ZIP container libraries used for mxmldoc.