Mini-XML 3.0 March 02, 2019

Mini-XML 3.0 is a major release that changes the license to Apache 2.0 with exceptions for linking to GPL2-only code, hides the definition of the internal mxml_node_t structure, removes the “mxmldoc” utility (which is now maintained in the separate “codedoc” project), and fixes several bugs.


Download Mini-XML 3.0 Home Page

Changes include:

  • Changed the license to Apache 2.0 with exceptions (Issue #239)
  • All of the internal node structures are now moved out of the public header (Issue #240)
  • Fixed a potential buffer overflow when writing floating point data (Issue #233)
  • Moved mxmldoc to a new codedoc project whose focus is on generating code documentation (Issue #235, Issue #236, Issue #237)
  • Error messages now include the line number of the error (Issue #230)
  • The mxmlSetCDATA, mxmlSetElement, mxmlSetOpaque, mxmlSetOpaquef, mxmlSetText, and mxmlSetTextf functions caused a use-after-free bug if the value came from the same node (Issue #241)
  • The mxmlSetOpaquef and mxmlSetTextf functions did not work (Issue #244)
  • The _mxml_strdupf function did not work on Windows (Issue #245)