mmd v1.6 August 18, 2019

This release of mmd adds support for link titles and code languages, adds functions for controlling which markdown extensions are supported, and fixes a number of parsing bugs.


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Changes include:

  • Fixed some parsing bugs (Issue #7)
  • Fixed a crash bug in mmdutil (Issue #8)
  • Code fences using “~~~” are now supported.
  • Auto-links now properly handle preceding text (Issue #8)
  • Inline styles can now span multiple lines (Issue #8)
  • Links can now span multiple lines (Issue #8)
  • Shortcut links ([reference]) didn’t work (Issue #8)
  • Fixed some issues with inline styles being incorrectly applied for things like “* *”.
  • The testmmd program now supports running tests from the CommonMark specification and/or from the CommonMark test suite (Issue #9)
  • More CommonMark features (code languages, link titles, space-filled thematic breaks) and edge cases are now supported (Issue #10)
  • Added new mmdGetOptions and mmdSetOptions functions to control which extensions are supported.
  • Added new mmdGetExtra function to get the link title or code language string associated with certain nodes.