LPrint v1.0b2 January 26, 2020

This is the second beta release of LPrint, a Label Printer Application for macOS® and Linux®. Changes include:

  • Added support for authentication of remote administrative requests (Issue #1)
  • Added support for managing printers via web browser (Issue #1)
  • The add, default, delete, and modify sub-commands now support the “-u” option (Issue #1)
  • Fixed an ASLR issue with some Linux compilers (Issue #5)
  • Added code to detach the Linux usblp kernel driver since apparently there are still Linux distributions shipping the old (and broken) usblp kernel driver (Issue #7)
  • Device errors are now logged to stderr (for lprint devices) or the server log (for lprint server) so that it is possible to see permission and other access errors (Issue #8)
  • Job attributes are now validated properly against the driver attributes (Issue #9)
  • Fixed an issue in server mode - a failed IPv6 listener would prevent the server from starting (Issue #12)
  • Added a “spool-directory” option for the server sub-command.
  • Added a spec file for building RPMs.


Download LPrint 1.0b2 Install lprint Snap Home Page

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