EPM v4.5 March 13, 2020

EPM v4.5 is a bug fix release and also removes support for some old platforms that I can no longer support. Changes include:

  • Dropped support for AIX, AT&T (Solaris), Tru64, HP-UX, IRIX, LSB, and Slackware packages.
  • “make install” failed due to the README filename changing (Issue #59)
  • The mkepmlist utility did not correctly handle filenames containing the $ character (Issue #62)
  • The configure script incorrectly substituted “NONE” for the installation prefix (Issue #67)
  • Fixed some over-zealous permissions on temporary build directories (Issue #71)
  • Fixed the mantohtml helper program - was depending on private CUPS headers for some reason (Issue #72)
  • Fixed some build system issues (Issue #75, Issue #76)
  • Documentation updates (Issue #74, Issue #77)
  • Cleaned up old sprintf and strcpy usage in many places.


Download EPM 4.5 Home Page

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