EPM v4.5.1 and a New Maintainer! November 18, 2020

Today brings two changes for EPM. First a quick (final) bug fix release (v4.5.1) from me with the following changes:

  • Fixed Debian dependencies for min/max version (Issue #64)
  • Fixed a typo in the epm.list file (Issue #78)
  • Fixed macro usage in the setup.types man page (Issue #81)
  • Fixed @INSTALL@ macro in makefile (Issue #84)
  • Fixed Debian init script support (Issue #85)

Second, I am pleased to announce that Jim Jagielski has volunteered to take over development of EPM. Among other things, Jim is an Apache OpenOffice developer who has been using EPM to create the community builds of AOO. He has also been maintaining a fork of EPM with his own changes and fixes that would benefit all developers and that I, quite frankly, haven’t had the time to look at or integrate. In short, I think Jim will do a great job moving EPM forward and giving the project the “love” it deserves!

Download EPM 4.5.1 (New) Home Page

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