codedoc v3.6 December 31, 2020

This release of codedoc adds syntax highlighting, literal link, image dimensions, and block quote in comments support as well as fixing a number of bugs. Changes include:

  • Added support for syntax highlighting of C and C++ code.
  • Added support for literal links (functions, types, etc.) using the “@@” target.
  • Added support for ::WIDTHxHEIGHT in image (ALT) text.
  • Added support for markdown-style block quotes in comments.
  • Fixed support for embedded images in EPUB output.
  • Fixed some parsing issues for the public typedef - private struct design pattern, resulting in undocumented typedefs.
  • Fixed a few Cppcheck and LGTM-detected bugs.
  • No longer output unnecessary whitespace in HTML/EPUB output, for a modest savings in file size.


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