HTMLDOC 1.9.13 November 05, 2021

HTMLDOC 1.9.13 is a bug fix release. Changes include:

  • Now install a 32x32 icon for Linux (Issue #432)
  • Fixed an issue with large values for roman numerals and letters in headings (Issue #433)
  • Fixed a crash bug when a HTML comment contains an invalid nul character (Issue #439)
  • Fixed a crash bug with bogus BMP images (Issue #444)
  • Fixed a potential heap overflow bug with bogus GIF images (Issue #451)
  • Fixed a potential stack overflow bug with bogus BMP images (Issue #453)

Binaries are available from Github for Windows and macOS, and through the Snapcraft store for Linux.


Download HTMLDOC 1.9.13 Install HTMLDOC 1.9.13 Snap Home Page

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