HTMLDOC 1.9.17 September 17, 2023

HTMLDOC 1.9.17 is a bug fix release. Changes include:

  • Added new --pre-indent option to control indentation of pre-formatted text (Issue #505)
  • Now link to CUPS library instead of embedding its HTTP code.
  • Updated PostScript and PDF date/time information to use UTC (Issue #490)
  • Fixed multiple conversions of UTF-8 HTML files from the GUI (Issue #496)
  • Fixed a compile bug on Solaris (Issue #498)
  • Fixed a markdown parsing bug (Issue #503)
  • Fixed a relative URL handling bug (Issue #507)
  • Fixed a crash bug with bad title images (Issue #510)
  • Fixed some minor CodeQL warnings.

Binaries are available from Github for Windows and macOS, and through the Snapcraft store for Linux.


Download HTMLDOC 1.9.17 Install HTMLDOC 1.9.17 Snap Home Page

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