zipc A Simple ZIP Container "Library"

Version License C Linux | macOS | Unix | Windows


zipc v1.3 January 09, 2021

zipc v1.2 October 26, 2017

zipc v1.1 April 23, 2017

zipc v1.0 April 05, 2017

zipc is a simple ZIP container “library” consisting of a C source file and accompanying header file. The ZIP format is documented in the PKWARE APPNOTE.TXT - .ZIP File Format Specification.

The current version implements reading and writing of files smaller than 4GB, with or without deflate compression. There is no support for signatures, encryption, password protection, etc. as those features of ZIP are typically not used for ZIP container-based formats.

Among other places, zipc is used by my HTMLDOC and Codedoc projects to generate EPUB books.

Please do provide feedback and report bugs to the Github project page so that everyone can benefit.