PAPPL v1.0.1 January 12, 2021

PAPPL v1.0.1 is a general bug fix release and is now available for download.

Download PAPPL v1.0.1 Home Page

Changes in 1.0.1 include:

  • Documentation updates (Issue #105)
  • The papplSystemLoadState function did not load vendor attribute defaults correctly (Issue #103)
  • Vendor options without “xxx-supported” attributes are no longer shown on the printing defaults page (Issue #104)
  • Added support for Windows 10/Mopria clients that incorrectly convert the printer resource path to lowercase (Issue #106)
  • The papplSystemLoadState function now calls the printer driver’s status callback after loading the printer’s attributes (Issue #107)
  • Added additional error handling for memory allocations throughout the library (Issue #113)
  • Fixed an issue with validation of custom media sizes (Issue #120)
  • Partially-discovered SNMP printers would cause a crash (Issue #121)
  • The “copies-supported” attribute was not report correctly.
  • Job operations that targeted a non-existent job yielded the wrong status code.
  • Printing a test page from the web interface did not trigger a reload to update the printer and job state.
  • The TLS web page was hardcoded to use “/etc/cups” for the CUPS server root.
  • Fixed file output when the job name contains a ‘/’.
  • Updated 1-bit driver output to support “photo” dither array for high print quality.
  • PAPPL now (re)creates the spool directory as needed.
  • Coverity: Added missing NULL checks.
  • Coverity: Fixed file descriptor leaks.
  • Coverity: Fixed some locking issues.
  • Coverity: Fixed printer-darkness-configured bug in papplSystemSaveState.
  • Coverity: Fixed an error handling bug in the file printing code for the PWG test driver.
  • Coverity: Removed dead code.


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