PAPPL v1.0.2 February 20, 2021

PAPPL v1.0.2 is a general bug fix release and is now available for download.

Download PAPPL v1.0.2 Home Page

Changes in 1.0.2 include:

  • Documentation updates (Issue #140)
  • The Set-Printer-Attributes operation now properly validates the values of “xxx-default” attributes (Issue #93)
  • Changes to ready (loaded) media are now validated (Issue #94)
  • The papplSystemSetVersions function now allows changes while the system is running (Issue #123)
  • The printing defaults page no longer shows a media chooser when there is a single source (Issue #125)
  • The DNS-SD support functions did not handle when the Avahi daemon is not running (Issue #129)
  • The printing defaults web page now reports whether the media is borderless (Issue #138)
  • The papplClientGetForm function did not support files larger than 64k (Issue #139)
  • Deleting and adding a printer with the same name will cause a crash (Issue #141)
  • Fixed a deadlock issue when calling the papplPrinterSet... functions from an iterator callback (Issue #143)
  • The “Printing Defaults” web page did not show an error message if the defaults could not be validated (Issue #146)
  • The server sub-command now enables TCP/IP connections using the default hostname; auto-started servers still disable TCP/IP connections by default (Issue #147)
  • The papplPrinterSetDriverDefaults function did not validate the defaults against the actual driver data.
  • The IPP interface no longer allows the Create-Printer operation for single queue applications.
  • Stopping a printer application with SIGTERM now behaves the same as sending a Shutdown-System request.
  • Added more unit tests to testpappl.
  • Added better management of the USB and raw printing threads for each printer.
  • Added better error reporting for USB printers.
  • papplDeviceOpen did not copy the device ID callback.
  • papplDeviceList and papplDeviceOpen did not send errors to stderr when a NULL error callback was specified.


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