PAPPL v1.2b1 April 23, 2022

PAPPL v1.2b1 is now available for download. PAPPL v1.2 adds full localization, support for additional IPP features, and some other improvements. Changes include:

  • Added macOS menubar icon/menu (Issue #27)
  • Added support for localization, with base localizations for English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish (Issue #58)
  • Added interpolation when printing JPEG images or when using the papplJobFilterImage function with smoothing enabled (Issue #64)
  • Added papplDeviceGetSupplies API to query supply levels via SNMP (Issue #83)
  • Added support for custom media sizes in millimeters (Issue #118)
  • Added papplPrinterGet/SetMaxPreservedJobs API and reprint web interface (Issue #189)
  • Added IPP notifications support with papplSystemAddEvent and papplSubscriptionXxx functions (Issue #191)
  • Added papplPrinterDisable and papplPrinterEnable functions and proper support for the IPP “printer-is-accepting-jobs” attribute.
  • Added OpenSSL/LibreSSL support (Issue #195)
  • Added papplSystemGet/SetMaxClients API (Issue #198)
  • Updated papplPrinterSetReadyMedia to support up to PAPPL_MAX_SOURCE media entries, regardless of the number of sources.


Download PAPPL v1.2b1 Home Page

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