PAPPL v1.3.4 (Replaces v1.3.3) September 07, 2023

PAPPL v1.3.4 is now available for download and is a general bug fix release. Changes in 1.3.4 include:

  • Fixed builds with GNU TLS (Issue #292)
  • Fixed a HTML error on the network configuration page.

Changes in 1.3.3 include:

  • Fixed USB serial number for DYMO printers (Issue #271)
  • Fixed DNS-SD advertisements when the server name is set to “localhost” (Issue #274)
  • Fixed hostname change detection when using mDNSResponder (Issue #282)
  • Fixed authentication cookie comparisons for simple password mode.
  • Fixed a potential time-of-use issue with PAPPL-created directories.
  • Fixed handling of trailing ‘%’ in log format strings.
  • Updated TLS certificate generation to support more types of certificates and to use modern OpenSSL/GNU TLS APIs.


Download PAPPL v1.3.4 Home Page

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