mmd A Miniature Markdown "Library"

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mmd is a miniature markdown parsing “library” consisting of a single C source file and accompanying header file. mmd mostly conforms to the CommonMark version of markdown syntax with the following exceptions:

  • Embedded HTML markup and entities are explicitly not supported or allowed; the reason for this is to better support different kinds of output from the markdown “source”, including XHTML, man, and xml2rfc.

  • Tabs are silently expanded to the markdown standard of four spaces since HTML uses eight spaces per tab.

  • Some pathological nested link and inline style features supported by CommonMark (******Really Strong Text******) are not supported by mmd.

In addition, mmd supports a couple (otherwise undocumented) markdown extensions:

  • Metadata as used by Jekyll and other web markdown solutions.

  • ”@” links which resolve to headings within the file.

  • Tables and task lists as used by the Github Flavored Markdown Spec.


mmd v1.9 March 01, 2022

mmd v1.8 January 04, 2021

mmd v1.7 August 28, 2019

mmd v1.6 August 18, 2019

mmd v1.5 February 17, 2019

mmd v1.4 January 04, 2019

mmd v1.3 March 10, 2018

mmd v1.2 February 02, 2018

mmd v1.1 October 30, 2017

mmd v1.0 April 23, 2017