ESP Package Manager Software Packaging Tool

EPM is a simple cross-platform tool that generates software and patch distributions in various formats from a list of files. Supported formats include:

  • AIX software packages (“installp”)
  • AT&T software packages (“pkgadd”), used by Solaris and others
  • BSD packages (“pkg_create”)
  • Compaq Tru64 UNIX (“setld”)
  • Debian Package Manager (“dpkg”)
  • HP-UX software packages (“swinstall”)
  • IRIX software manager (“inst”, “swmgr”, or “tardist”)
  • macOS software packages (“name.pkg”)
  • Portable (installation and removal scripts with tar files)
  • Red Hat Package Manager (“rpm”)
  • Slackware software packages (“name.tgz”)

EPM also includes graphical “setup” and “uninstall” programs that can be provided with your distributions to make installation and removal of more than one package a snap. The installers can be customized with product logos, “readme” files, and click-wrap licenses as desired.

EPM is provided as free software under version 2 of the GNU General Public license.

Note: This software is currently in maintenance mode.